6 LinkedIn Best Practices for Newsrooms

When it comes to sharing new content, LinkedIn is a new frontier for many newsrooms. We’ve gathered a few tips to help you get started down the path of success! Start Publishing...

When it comes to sharing new content, LinkedIn is a new frontier for many newsrooms. We’ve gathered a few tips to help you get started down the path of success!

Start Publishing Regularly

Since most newsrooms have historically used LinkedIn only as a place to announce company news, publishing to LinkedIn isn’t second nature yet. You can start by publishing just a few stories a week – every story doesn’t have to appear on your LinkedIn page.

Use Hashtags for Publishing

People on LinkedIn can follow hashtags just like they would follow a page. Make sure your page’s content shows up in the Discover section by using hashtags pertaining to the wider topic. Use the search tool in LinkedIn to find hashtags with more followers!

Choose Content Wisely

If you’re only going to publish a few stories, it’s time to be a little choosy. Posting content in the “news you can use” category will encourage more sharing by your followers. This can range from businesses that are opening or closing, new restaurants around town, things to do, or COVID-19 updates if your region is still being affected. Breaking news and updates on court cases also tend to perform well on LinkedIn. And yes, your updates on new talent joining your newsroom can still be part of the mix!

Upload Square or Vertical Photos

LinkedIn allows you to upload a custom thumbnail for your links – which means you can use a larger photo to take up more room in the LinkedIn feed! More space in the feed means a better chance that someone will notice your content. You can upload a custom thumbnail right in SND Dashboard when creating a link post to LinkedIn.

Use LinkedIn for News Gathering

Use LinkedIn’s search tool to search by company name, size, keywords, title, or other filters to find the right source. You can also follow hashtags to discover potential stories from businesses or people on LinkedIn. Working on a story about small restaurant businesses in your area? Use the filters to find those companies!

Keep Building Your Audience

LinkedIn has a unique tool to invite people to follow your page. On each page, there is a module to invite your connections to follow your page. You’ll have a certain number of credits each month, but these reset on the first of the month and you’ll get your credit “returned” if one of your invitees follows the page.

We’re looking forward to seeing your newsroom’s success on LinkedIn! If you’d like help getting started, get in touch with your Client Success manager today.

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