Author: Dan Scapusio

Growing lists through paid acquisition and warming leads through engaging content and marketing programs is an effective strategy in converting...
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Maximizing Paid Social ROI for Subscriber Growth with BlueLena and Social News Desk

If cutting down your cost-per-lead isn’t part of your plan to grow your audience, we’re confident in asking “why not?”...

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When it comes to spending ad dollars to reach your acquisition goals, SND’s Dynamic Ads technology blends AI with your...

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Enhance ads with AI and content.

What we’ve heard from ads clients over and over again is that SND not only delivers a better ROI on...

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SND Boosts Social Media Ad ROI for Newspapers

USA TODAY has grown into a digital leader in news reaching over 70 million unique visitors per month on average....

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Social News Desk is looking to hire a full-time Paid Social Specialist to be part of our SND Promotions team....

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Building new audience isn’t just about selling magazines for The New Republic – an unambiguously left-leaning national political magazine with...

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Social News Desk is now seeking a full-time Paid Social Specialist to be a member of our new SND Ads...

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