SND Launches First Branded Content Inventory Tool for Newsrooms

Introducing Social News Desk’s newest tool aimed at helping news organizations calculate the value of their audience on social media: SND RevStream! This ground-breaking platform will help you estimate the value of your social media posts, manage social inventory and execute a sponsored social media campaign. All from a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

What is my social media audience really worth?

Sure, you’ve spent 10 years building up a huge following on Facebook and Twitter…but how do you turn that into dollars? The first step is figuring out what that audience is worth. And that’s where the SND RevStream pricing calculator comes in. Using your Page’s past performance as a guide, SND RevStream can calculate exactly what a future post should be worth to an advertiser.

How can I make this easy on my sales team?

Selling Branded Content posts on Facebook or Twitter is just like selling any other large audience. But unlike other forms of advertising, there’s a perception that social media is “unlimited” so it can be hard for Account Executives to sell. That’s where SND RevStream’s Inventory Management comes in. Use it to predetermine the number and type of social media posts your team is WILLING to sell per week, then – sell against that inventory. It removes friction between editorial and sales while also creating a system of supply and demand.


It’s Sold. Now What?

Getting repeat business will depend on your team’s ability to EXECUTE what gets sold. That’s where SND RevStream excels. Not only does the platform help you before the sale – but it’s a critical fulfillment tool as well. Sold inventory is tracked and managed as part of a campaign. And each campaign is visible on your SND Dashboard. Now you can see what’s been promised and instantly start filling the order from a single screen. Then, automatically generate reports to show the success of the posts.

Ready to Get Started?

It’s simple. Contact us to learn about our limited beta trial.