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What has long been a gray area in Facebook’s Terms and Conditions has become crystal clear, albeit complicated to comply...

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A few months ago Facebook rolled out their Facebook Mentions app. A mobile application geared towards public figures who have...

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Facebook Notifications "Opt-In"

It’s Primary Season! And Election Pizza isn’t the only thing to get excited about 🙄 … Facebook has rolled out...

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WOW! – So you have some new options on your like button, and you don’t know what it means for...

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This week, Facebook announced changes to News Feed that could have an impact on referral traffic for news websites. The...

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Ian Kennedy on Flickr

As the frenzy surrounding the Mega-Billion Jackpot Powerball Bonus Multiplier Money-Maker Extravaganza engulfs the nation, some news stations are tapping into...

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Legal stuff... It's important.

If your New Year’s resolution is to get your Facebook Page verified, we’re here to help you get your house...

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Many of you have requested this feature and we worked hard to add it for you! Now, simply go to...

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We all know that videos on Facebook perform extremely well. Over the past year the number of video views per...

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Video Content Trick to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Nothing is ever written in stone at Facebook headquarters. The company prides itself on innovating and changing quickly. But that...

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