Facebook Reaction Polls: Do You Love Them?

Facebook “Reactions” give users a wide range of ways to interact with posts, and more news outlets than ever are using Reactions to encourage post engagement. Surely you’ve seen these. They’re called “Reaction Polls”…

While Facebook was quick to say it does not support the use of Facebook Live to run a so-called “Live” Reaction Poll, using a still photo or link as the media type for a Reaction Poll is okay under Facebook’s guidelines – for now. There are a couple of other items to look out for if you decide to use Reactions to poll fans. Here’s what Facebook has to say:

If using Reactions as part of a poll, don’t use Reactions in the following ways:
Don’t associate a Reaction with something that doesn’t match its emotional intent (ex: “choose angry if you like the cute kitten”).
Don’t make Reactions the most distinctive or prominent feature of your creative.
Don’t use Reactions for polls in video where the whole stream consists of static or looping graphics or images.

Keep in mind that Facebook’s stance on this could change at any time and isn’t recommended as a long-term engagement strategy. But for now, it seems that these types of posts are getting a healthy amount of engagement and could provide a nice lift to your Page…whether you “Like” them or not.