The better way to boost posts on Facebook.

If you’re boosting posts on Facebook, chances are you’re looking to increase audience engagement, drive more people to certain content or generally promote awareness of your brand. Unfortunately, you’re also probably wasting a lot of money in the process. So instead of playing whack-a-mole with your marketing budget… consider this ROI-based strategy instead …

Promote your best content, automatically

It’s pretty impossible to predict exactly what will resonate with your audience on Facebook – and even harder during breaking news when things are changing rapidly. So why put all your eggs in one basket with a Boosted Post? Wouldn’t it be better if you could always promote the best stories you have – even as that list changes in real time? Now you can!

SND’s proprietary Dynamic News Ads (DNA) technology identifies your best content in real time, and automatically turns it into an ad. Think of the ad as an empty – always on – container. SND’s DNA technology is working 24/7 to create a list of your very best content and updating that list in real time as you produce more content. We’re then filling that empty ad container with stories from the list – matching them up to the users most likely to care about each story. Each ad is unique, and populated with the best content you have to offer at any given moment. We call it an “Auto-Boost.”

Because the Auto-Boost ad is always on (and always filled with fresh content) … you are reaching a much wider group of people than you would with a Boost. As Facebook users engage with your content in the ad, they see more of your content and become more aware of your brand page. This leads to increases in Clicks, Reach, Engagement and often a 6-8% increase in Page Followers to boot!

Get two (or more) KPIs for the price of one

Auto-Boost ads are optimized by the team at SND to fit your exact ROI goals. So in addition to extra Reach, you’ll also get additional website traffic (clicks), email newsletter sign ups (lead gen), subscription purchases (conversions) or app downloads. Depending on the objective, SND will set up the ad to get the best possible ROI for you in that category. This helps you get the most out of your budget and work toward success in multiple performance metrics at the same time.

Reach beyond your fanbase

The SND Ads team of Blue Print Certified ad specialists can help you set up ad targeting that will reach the best possible audience for your brand. For example, you can specifically target ads to people who don’t yet follow you on Facebook, ensuring your advertising dollars are helping you reach the right people at the right time. Or you can reach out to both existing fans and new followers. You can even target people who like your competitors. We’ll show you all the tricks. 😉

Ready to give it a try? Check your newsroom credit card to see how much you spent on Boosted Posts last month, and let us show you how to reroute that money this month to produce a real return on your investment instead. Email us.