Vertical Video Studio: SND Shows You a Simpler Way to Create Reels

SND launched Vertical Video Studio awhile back and if you haven’t used it yet – you’re missing out on the easy button to producing quality content that performs well on social.

Reels are where Meta is putting its emphasis on Facebook and Instagram and whether it’s long term strategy or a flash in the pot – it’s hot right now.

As SND Founder & President Kim Wilson said in our recent new features webinar – ‘If you haven’t used Vertical Video Studio yet, I implore you to try it.’

Here’s a demo on how to integrate your top stories, captions, music and more with very little work/time on your part:

One last quick note, if you’re charged with creating news videos for TikTok – Vertical Video Studio works for that too. Simply create it and then download your reel to post on TikTok.

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