Instagram to limit number of posts you make per month

The team at Instagram has announced plans to cap the number of posts an account can make per rolling 30-day period, along with a small handful of other – less impactful – adjustments to the way its publishing API functions.

Why now?

Believe it or not, Instagram’s Content Publishing API has officially been in “beta” since 2018. As a Facebook Partner, SND was one of the first to gain access to the beta API and has maintained publishing capabilities for its users ever since – as part of the beta program. These changes signal Instagram’s “general release” of the API. And with that comes stricter rules…

What are the new rules?

Here’s the official statement from Instagram:

We’d like to share with you upcoming changes Instagram is making that will impact some of our features for publishing to Instagram:

  1. As of November 3, 2020, you will only be able to add the location of your Instagram account’s associated FB Page to your Instagram posts. For example, Jessica owns the @jessicabikeshop Instagram account, which is linked to the “Jessica Bike Shop” FB Page. Jessica has added “San Francisco” as the location on the “Jessica Bike Shop” FB Page. As of November 3, @jessicabikeshop will only be able to tag “San Francisco” as the location on any Instagram posts published via Content Publishing API.
  2. Between January-March 2021, you will only be able to post a maximum of 60 posts within a rolling 30-day period.
  3. Between January-March 2021, any of your Instagram accounts linked to a FB Page with a large audience may be asked to confirm their identity and secure their account before they can resume publishing via Content Publishing API. This process will include two steps: 1) Enabling two-factor authentication to protect their account from unauthorized access, and 2) Confirming their location by turning on their mobile device’s location services

Instagram has communicated that these changes are to maintain the safety and integrity of the Instagram community.

When will this happen?

That’s a little murky. But we’ve started to see early signs of the change within SND’s own user-experience. For example, we’ve gotten a few reports of this error popping up for users who are heavy posters. But so far the exact “60 posts per 30 days” rule doesn’t seem to have rolled out fully … yet.

Now what?

Stay Calm. Carry On … continue to post to Instagram but make sure you’re doing so with purpose and remember that “every post counts” … literally.