The best reason to post to Instagram through SND Dashboard

I know I’m biased, sure, but the best way to publish to social media is by using SND Dashboard. That’s just a #fact. Why? There are so many reasons. If you’re a client already you know what I’m talking about.

Let’s focus on one of those shining reasons right now, arguably the best reason to post to Instagram through SND Dashboard. You’re already familiar with our Quick Post feature which allows you to save templates to use later in all kinds of handy situations (breaking news, sports scores, election results, get caught up right here). Have you tried using it for Instagram posts, specifically your bank of hashtags?

One common way to build your brand on Instagram is to carefully select a set of hashtags to use with all of your posts. You can use up to thirty at a time, but don’t; the conventional wisdom of the day suggests five to nine hashtags is the sweet spot. If your Instagram account is a business account – which it should be – you can do the research in the app to find out which hashtags are the most effective for each brand, vertical, or theme you post about.

That’s a lot of research and upkeep and you can’t expect all of your publishers in your newsroom to put in the time to carefully curate your hashtag bank. So here’s where SND Dashboard and Quick Post comes in.

After the digital lead for your newsroom does the research, that person can then create Quick Posts to Instagram which store the most effective hashtags for each scenario.

Create a Quick Post for each posting style

Then, whenever you need them, the hashtags are there for you no matter who’s publishing. Need to tweak the bank based on new research? Just save over the old template.

Hello hashtags! #hellohashtags

Your publishers can then insert their text above the list of hashtags, attach a picture, and you’re done! Want to know more? Questions about setting up your Quick Posts or about Instagram hashtag strategy? Drop us a line at