How a digital news network cut email sign-up acquisition costs in HALF using SND’s new Ad Tech.

Social News Desk has pioneered a new way for media companies to use their existing, high-quality content to exponentially increase long-term connections with the local audience. From new subscribers to email acquisition or even TV tune-in… these ads are creating real, critical results for news networks. And SND’s approach is simple … we build automatic, data-driven ads that leverage existing news content. For Canadian publisher, Village Media – it’s been a game changer. So much so, the company’s work with SND’s Dynamic News Ad tech was recently featured as one of the Google News Initiative’s Local News Experiments: Read More.

Village Media is one of the largest digital news networks in Ontario. Their hyper-local community news sites are designed to bring neighborhoods together and make available all the local news that their audience demands.

The news network was looking to create a loyal audience while engaging readers. They wanted to generate quality email newsletter sign-ups to increase their sites’ membership and profitability.

Social News Desk (SND) worked with Village Media to help them use their top news stories to compel people in their Ontario communities to sign-up for email newsletters. In real time, SND’s Dynamic News Ads technology is able to predict which Village Media stories will drive the most sign-ups. SND then dynamically compiles that data and creates Facebook Lead Generation ads which automatically update as the news and the audience changes.

SND’s solution allowed Village Media to create always-on and up-to-date ads at scale across all their local sites. They leveraged Facebook’s Lead Generation forms to capture users’ names and emails from their Facebook information, increasing sign-ups by tenfold.

“We are maintaining acquisition costs under $0.50, which is quite honestly a significant improvement over other methods on FB. It actually substantially impacts the entire business model, so we are pretty excited.”

Jeff Elgie, CEO Village Media – on DNA ads for Subscription/Email Acquisition.

To date, Village Media has generated more than 34,000 new email sign-ups at an average cost of $0.50 per sign-up. Which is less than half of what they were spending for sign-ups using other methods.

Additionally, SND helped Village Media sync these leads in real-time with their email CRM. This enabled Village Media to send a welcome email within minutes to each person that registered using the form in SND’s Dynamic News Ad. And to avoid annoying those users who had already signed-up for the community newsletter, SND made sure to keep a Facebook custom audience of current subscribers up-to-date so Facebook would exclude targeting those people in the ads.

“We’re really excited about the possibilities for this technology. Village Media has seen incredible success using SND’s Dynamic News Ads to acquire new email signups. But we know it’s the tip of the iceberg. We’re also seeing this same approach drive ratings for TV stations and subscriptions for traditional print newspapers.

Kim Wilson, Founder & President Social News Desk

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