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Monetize Social: Your social media audience is valuable. We help you execute successful sponsored-post campaigns.

Create Promotions: Quickly set up and launch simple branded contests with just a few clicks. Put them on Facebook, your website and mobile.

Sell Branded Content: Now, you can sell sponsored social media posts on your Facebook and Twitter accounts with this simple tool.

Sell at Scale: Easily publish hundreds of Branded Content posts across dozens of properties and watch as our roll-up report tracks and tallies the results for you.

Turn Your Social Reach into Real-World Revenue.

SND Campaigns lets you monetize your social reach with sponsorable promotions. You’ll give new advertisers and existing clients new opportunities to spend with you through social promotions they’ll love. Insights and stats from detailed reports make pitches easy, positioning your sales team as social media experts. Plus, our all-in-one platform makes it simple to create, monitor and share promotions. With seamless integration with SND Dashboard and SND On Air, you have a complete social media solution. SND Campaigns turns social reach into real-world revenue.

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