DYK: SND Reports Now Have Permanent URLs!

We’ve received amazing feedback from users about our latest Insights tool, SND Reports. One wish-list item repeated over and over again by group-level users was the desire to have a static URL that could be bookmarked, or perhaps displayed in an internal portal. You asked, we listened, and our developers delivered!

New feature for SND Reports

Now, any report you create inside SND Reports has the option to enable a “Permanent URL” for that specific report. This URL is both public and permanent, meaning anyone with the link can access the report, whether they’re logged into the SND Dashboard, or not. This makes embedding the URL in an iFrame in your corporate portals possible. We provide the link, and you can dream up the different ways you can use and distribute it!

How to set it up

All SND Dashboard clients now have access to SND Reports where unlimited reports can be configured. Once you’ve set one up, click on the “Snapshots” tab, then click “Enable Permanent Share URL.” The URL will then display.

This permanent URL will display the latest version of that particular report. So it’s best to set up your report to be run daily (select “Daily” in the “Email Frequency” drop-down menu) to have the latest info populated in the report each day by 8:00 am EST. It’s also important to make sure you have at least one email address in the “Email Distribution List” to ensure a new report will be generated daily.

Please note: If you disable the link at anytime, the URL that had been generated will show as “Report not available”. However, the link remains the same, so if it’s re-enabled, the original URL will be activated again.

Got questions? Let us know!