NEW: Email Reports from SND!

It’s here! SND Reports is a report that can be automatically generated by your SND Dashboard and sent to you and your staff via email on a regular basis. You can configure the report to include whichever Facebook and Twitter accounts you prefer, set how often it pulls data, and choose to include market scorecard information pulled directly from the Social News Desk Social Rankings mobile app database. (

Is it magic? Yes, probably.

Daily, weekly, or monthly, you can receive an email with a URL that takes you to the full report. Choose your social media accounts, give the report a name, and choose which email addresses will receive the report. It’s very easy to use. And the reports can go to anyone – even if they don’t have a user login to Social News Desk – so they’re great for GMs and corporate teams too.

View your key metrics, plus Top Videos by Views, Top Posts by Reach, and of course your market scorecard (optional).

Want a market scorecard delivered to your newsroom every morning? We have a format for that too!

Questions? Feedback? Want to know how to get started? Reach out to us at and check out this quick video tutorial right here!