New Feature: Tab Sharing in SND Dashboard

Almost all of our best features come from user suggestions, and the newest addition to SND Dashboard is no exception. We’ve now added the ability to share a tab with other members of your newsroom, and it couldn’t be easier. Just create your custom view, click the gear icon next to the tab title, and pick the users you want to receive a copy of your tab.

Share Analytics Widgets

Got a great view of your competition in the market? Share a tab full of analytics widgets with your newsroom staff or just key leadership, so everyone’s literally on the same page when it comes to keeping track of what’s happening with your competitors.

Share Breaking News

Use the search tools in SND Dashboard to create a tab of sources at the scene of breaking news, then deploy it to your newsroom.

Share Beat Checks

If you’ve built out a great set of searches related to a beat such as crime, politics or sports, you can share your tab with other people working on the same story.

Give Staff a Head Start

Create a default set of columns that give staffers a view of all of your important social media accounts and metrics, and share it when onboarding new users. You can share it with existing users, too!

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