SND’s Newest Syndication and Branded Content Tools: Now LIVE!

This might just be your new favorite feature inside SND Dashboard… you can now use Post Manager to keep an eye on how other markets in your group are syndicating stories AND you can easily view all your Branded Content and Facebook Live data on a single screen.

3 Reasons You’ll Love New SND

Filter to see ALL your Branded Content Posts

Manage your Branded Content posts quickly and easily with the newest SND Post Manager functionality. How many Branded Content posts went out last month? Was the handshake included in the last post? Check the Branded Content box under the ‘Post’ filter in your Post Manager. Just like that, you’re seeing only posts with handshake icons. Use this with other Post Manager filters to drill down as needed. 

SND’s Guide to Building a Branded Content Playbook

Filter to view your Facebook Lives

We’ve beefed up your Post Manager ‘Type’ filter options too. Now, you can filter post types by Link, Video, Image, Text AND Facebook Live Posts. Quickly and easily pull metrics for Facebook Live posts and assess performance. Did your Sales team sell some Facebook Live posts? Use the new Type filter to seamlessly identify and confirm how many Facebook Lives posts were made, whether or not they included the Branded Content handshake and track all applicable metrics.

Search by URL to Identify Trends and Monitor Syndication

If you syndicate content, you are often looking to identify which markets published a certain story, or what a market’s content mix is—by section or national versus local. Post Manager’s post filter now allows you to “Search Post by URL” so you can find this information in a snap.

Simply type in any part of a URL string (“trending,” “national,”) to filter the social posts that contain that keyword in the URL. From here, you can compare metrics, access posts natively and even download a CSV file.

These additional filters make Post Manager even more efficient, saving you time, helping you quickly analyze strategies and performance, and even managing revenue opportunities.

Any questions? Email or reach out to your Client Success Manager.