Why’d We Change the Post Scheduling Interface?

We know news people are creatures of habit – they thrive on rundowns, morning meetings, A blocks, B blocks, layouts, predictability. But we also know news people like to have control over everything, and they want to do it quickly – without anything getting in their way!

You may be aware that we’ve done a couple of client surveys lately to learn more about what you love and don’t love about Social News Desk. We heard from you that you wanted to be able to schedule posts down to the minute – but some of you didn’t love that you had to scroll through 60 minutes to choose your time.

Now, we’ve updated the post scheduling interface to accept number entry, meaning you’ll just need to type in the hour and minute you want to pick for your scheduled post’s time. Super easy – but we realize it’s a little bit of an adjustment.

Part of what makes Social News Desk different is that it’s built for news people, by news people. And we know that those little changes can make a big difference in your workflow. If you’ve got an idea for something that would make your life easier, let us know! We love to hear your feedback.