SND Planner: Time Slots

The concept of time slots on the new SND Planner fits perfectly with the local-news mindset.

Your social media post planning can now look a lot like the oh, so-familiar news rundown. And you can move it around just like you would a show. 

Think ‘whole day’ instead of ‘whole show.’

SND Planner Time Slots

You can structure it to consistently post at your favorite times – 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm and so on…

Then, as news breaks or other priorities pop-up, slide that new story into an open time slot.

Want to replace the 11am post with breaking news? Slide your original post down a slot. 

You can even have designated blocks of time that pull stories from RSS or Custom Feeds and post them using SND’s automation technology: SND autopilot. 

SND Planner’s time slots are a great way to see your overall day’s planning and still be able to adjust on the fly as news happens.

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