SND Test Drive Team: Shaping Up

The new SND Dashboard is really taking shape, and this week our Test Drive Team got a first look at the new features that they will be testing.

Aaron King, SND VP of Product Engineering, walked the team through updates to the mobile app. Our iOS users have been beta testing the app for a couple of weeks now, but users will be able to start performing more advanced searches on a mobile device and can also see any Twitter stream on the app. To make posting easier, mobile users will also be able to save accounts to groups and to their favorites list. Posting and viewing content is also a snap, with large thumbnails visible on Facebook timelines to look more like Facebook native.

The desktop version of SND Dashboard has gone through some major updates as well. Users can now view competitors’ streams side-by-side with their own content to stay on top of what’s happening without having to leave the dashboard. The Widget Library also features a graph to compare audience share with other competitors in the market, and we’ll be releasing a new widget very soon that will display Facebook and Twitter post volume to help benchmark how often direct competitors are posting.

A huge request from some of our Test Drive Team members is now a reality – TABS! Users can organize their dashboard into tabs to reflect their personal workflow preferences, and can even move tabs around just by dragging and dropping them to a new spot.

Our developers are also working on updates to much-loved features from the current Dashboard, including easier management of Twitter Lists. We’re also making changes to Quick Posts, our tool that makes it easy for newsroom staff to create a template for use again and again. Quick Posts can now be shared with the entire newsroom, or kept to one staff member who needs it for their own use.Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 12.26.24 PM

On the horizon for the next few weeks is to continue work on our brand new Widget Library which include actionable data on your social content’s performance as well as your competitors!

We’re entering the home stretch, and can’t wait to start transitioning newsrooms to the new SND Dashboard. If you haven’t had a tour yet, please get in touch with your SND Client Strategist for a personal sneak peek!