Hook new audiences with Instagram Reels

Meta recently released Instagram Reels publishing capabilities to its API – and now we’re excited to bring Reels publishing to you right inside the SND Dashboard!

Reels have been available in the Instagram native platform for just about two years, and many newsrooms have already been taking advantage of this vertical short video format.

Instagram ranks what Reels you’re likely to see based on how you interact with content already.

What are Reels, anyway?

Instagram Reels are vertical, 15 to 60 second short-form videos that can be created natively on Instagram or uploaded directly to Instagram from the SND Dashboard. These videos can be published to your main Instagram feed as posts and on your account grid as well as to Instagram’s Reels Tab (a special section on the Instagram app dedicated just to these short videos). We recommend publishing as both a video post and a Reel for max exposure. The best part – Instagram shows your Reels to people who don’t Follow you yet! So you’ll be more likely to reach new people and turn them into followers.

What’s so great about Reels?

Meta says that 20% of the time users spend on Instagram happens on Reels. And we’ve seen that Reels get more reach than most other pieces of content – way more. In an analysis of Instagram videos in Social News Desk, we found that on average, Reels got up to 7 times more reach than videos that were not Reels.

Ready to get started? Learn more about using Reels in Social News Desk, or reach out to our Client Success Team.