How SND is Helping Publishers Drive Growth and Innovation

Social News Desk supports more than 900 newsrooms worldwide in their social media strategies. And in the past year, we’ve increased the number of print publishers we work with by more than 85%. It’s a number we’re extremely proud of because we are so passionate about our opportunity to help publishers drive growth and innovation through new digital and social media initiatives.

HuffPost Media recently featured our company as one of 3 tech startups making a significant impact on publishers today. The piece focuses on the Newspaper Association of America’s Accelerator Program, something Social News Desk participated in during the program’s inaugural year: 2014. It was created by NAA in an effort to develop partnerships between legacy media and new technology.

Our experience with the NAA Accelerator opened the door for us to begin working with some amazing publishers, like the Morris Publishing Group.

“The team is great, and their ongoing training and support has been extraordinarily valuable.”
-Heather Nagel, Chief Digital Marketing Officer Morris Publishing Group

Our print newsrooms, like Morris and C&G Newspapers are producing some of the best content you’ll find anywhere on social media. And we’re focused on helping these publishers improve workflow so their teams can be more efficient with growing Reach and Web Traffic. C&G Newspapers was facing a serious challenge when we started working with them. They needed to cohesively manage social media for 19 small community papers with staff spread out across several regions. By implementing the Social News Desk software as well as following our social strategy suggestions, C&G has seen social media become a huge part of its digital strategy.

“We are up 193% in social media traffic from this point last year and about 113% from the previous 3 months before we added SocialNewsDesk.”
-Matt Pierscinski, Online Coordinator C&G Newspapers

Social News Desk is also helping C&G increase revenue through social media. Tampa Bay Times is another publisher who has followed the same SND Strategy and has had great success.

“The contest and application tools have been great for building and engaging with our audience via social platforms, which helps us to connect with our digital readers in new ways.”
-Amber McDonald, Digital Audience Specialist Tampa Bay Times

We’re looking forward to many more success stories this year and beyond and are so thrilled to have been recognized for the hard work we’re doing to make sure publishers are succeeding on social media. We’d love to help you increase traffic and create new revenue using social media. Let’s get started!