SND for Content Syndication at Scale

Need to post the same content across multiple properties, markets and pages? Don’t want to spend all day doing it? Maximize your efficiency through Social News Desk’s Syndication abilities. 

We give you the ability to post the same story or link or video across as many markets as you need to at one time. And we can automatically tumble the link so the right URL makes its way to the right market’s Facebook page…automatically!

A couple key features that help you find the right content:  

  • In Post Manager, the ability to identify stories based on metrics.
  • In Post Manager the ability to identify stories by ‘Search Post by URL’ 
  • Search based on criteria (for example: trending, national) 
  • Curate a top performing feed to track the content you need to syndicate
  • Create a feed to surface specific topics and content that are important 
  • White-Label Links (quick summary: send a link out once to multiple pages, our software tumbles the link to redirect traffic back to each website’s OWN version of the story) 

You’ll have an easy time surfacing content that you need. Syndicating it across as many channels as you need is a snap. 

New to SND? Click here to line up a demo or to learn more about Social News Desk!