HOW TO: Use your best content to automatically drive viewers and increase subscribers.

If you’re looking for a way to get more viewers, more sign-ups or more subscribers… look no further than your own newsroom. Believe it or not, you already have what you need to build a robust, committed audience. What is it? Content! More than a decade ago, Microsoft founder Bill Gates declared, “Content is King.” And while almost everything else has changed in our digital and social world, this concept is truer than ever.

Good content can make us laugh, make us cry, make us want to take action. This is the power of journalism and storytelling. So stop wasting money on basic marketing messaging and start using your own stories to drive the results you want. Here’s how:

Promote Your Content First

The best way to market your newsletter (or website/app/newscast/etc.) isn’t to tell your audience about the newsletter. It’s to say to them what’s inside the newsletter. Our data shows that promoting your best content as part of a newsletter-sign-up campaign will make people 30x more likely to signup!

Email Marketing Ad versus Email Marketing Ad with Dynamic Content

But how can you do this at scale without devoting an entire person’s day to curating ad content? We get it. And that’s why the team at Social News Desk created our proprietary Dynamic News Ads (DNA) technology which allows us to automatically identify your newsroom’s top content and automatically turn it into ads on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger — with little to no effort.

How Does it Work?

Instead of using your marketing dollars to boost a story here and there, redirect that same budget to a consistent, “always on” ads strategy that leverage’s our DNA technology. Unlike boosting, you can’t just throw a few dollars at a random story you feel good about that day. So instead, it’s critical to have a real content strategy and a workflow that’s sustainable, simple and automatic – so you aren’t asking your team to do more work. SND’s proprietary Dynamic News Ads (DNA) technology is all those things and more. When you work with the SND Ads team to manage your ads, we leverage our DNA technology to identify your best content in real time, and automatically turn it into an ad.

Think of the ad as an empty – always on – container. SND’s DNA technology is working 24/7 to create a collection of your very best content and updating that collection in real time as you produce more content. We’re then filling that empty ad container with the unique stories from that collection… based on what the end-user viewing the ad is most likely to care about. Each ad is unique, and populated with the best content you have to offer at any given moment.

Because the ad is always on (and always filled with fresh content) … you are reaching a much wider group of people than you would with a boost. As Facebook users engage with your content in the ad, they see more of your content and become more aware of your brand page. Thus leading to the increase in Followers and Likes.

The Results

Increased Followers is just one benefit of running and always-on ad campaign featuring your best content. Your ad will also be optimized to get additional website traffic (clicks), email newsletter sign ups (lead gen) or subscription purchases (conversions). This helps you get the most out of your budget and work toward success in multiple performance metrics at the same time.

What’s even more amazing — newsrooms are reporting ads created with DNA technology produce 125% better results with the same budget! Imagine being able to report a 125% increase in your newsletter signups, clicks, app downloads, or subscriptions without needing to increase your spending or workload. I know my marketing manager would have been pleased with that ROI!

To learn more about our Dynamic News Ads technology or to test them out for your newsroom, reach out to me at