Your Newsroom’s Guide to Winning Viewers with Social

You already know that social media is the #1 online activity, but are you making the most of your audience’s online habits? Are you tapping into that resource to drive viewers to consume YOUR content? Savvy marketers have big social-media marketing budgets, and growing. But it can be hard to know for sure if you’re spending those dollars wisely. Here are 5 tactics to more effectively drive viewership and readership with paid social ads.

Focus on Real Business Results

Gone are the days of buying Facebook page likes. Your newsroom should be measuring success on real business results like reach and rating points. Awareness, preference, loyalty and sales are far more important than how many people “Like” your Facebook Page. So, if you’re still buying Facebook Ads to get more page likes or post engagement… STOP! NOW! Instead, buy ads that target the reach, video views or impressions objectives.

Use Thumb-Stopping Creative

You need something that’s going to grab your viewer’s attention. Your content must stand out and stop the viewer’s thumb on their phone. Remember that most people are watching on a mobile device and with no sound, so optimize accordingly. Use vertical or square creative to take up more real estate on the user’s phone, and keep your videos no longer than 15 seconds. Also, don’t forget how valuable your talent can be – use those familiar faces to grab viewers’ attention!

Target the Right Audience

Facebook (and soon, Social News Desk) empower you to target a very specific audience with social ads. You can target your DMA and even get as specific as hot zip codes. Facebook’s Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences can also help you target people you already know are engaging with your brand – and potential viewers who are similar to those fans.

Create Conversational Copy

We can all agree that your visual content is king, but don’t forget about copy! Keep it short and be conversational. Ask questions to drive those valuable meaningful social interactions. Grab your audience’s attention with emojis, too – remember that your content should be visual!

Test, Test, Test

If it’s the ad on the left caught your eye first, you’re just like the many people who engaged with this ad! So what will work best for you? Try everything! Be creative and try different types of content, copy and targeting – even more than one type at the same time. You’ll be surprised how big of a difference one change can make.

If you have any questions about paid social ads or what to expect from SND’s Campaigns Manager (COMING SOON!), please reach out to me at