14 GIFs to Get You Through Sweeps

Happy first day of sweeps! While we don’t work in a newsroom anymore, everyone at Team SND has been there and we’ve got your back. Here are 14 GIFs to kick off the next four weeks right.

When the consultant says “weather is what gets people to tune in”:

When your news director approves your pitch without changes:

When someone scoops you:

When you check your @mentions in the morning:


When you write the BEST tease:

When you win the overnights:

When someone tells the social media manager how to post about their story:

When your awesome feature gets cut by 30 seconds:

When you get to use that fancy new studio effects software:

When your live shot is in front of a building where a meeting wrapped 3 hours ago:


When you ask a reasonable question in your Facebook post:

When you start reading the comments on that Facebook post:

When your lead goes long and you have to start floating stories:


When the end of sweeps finally arrives: