Traffic Drivers: YouTube & TikTok Strategy

Traffic isn’t just about clicks from Facebook, you can drive Organic Traffic from both YouTube and TikTok which is why these two platforms are part of our 10-part blog series on new ways to drive traffic to your site. As you are probably already seeing, the traffic from Facebook is decreasing, but your opportunities to be seen elsewhere are alive and well.

YouTube for News

What’s your YouTube strategy? We’re asking without necessarily knowing what you’re doing there, but we do know that results can be yours. WDIV, Local 4, has 469k Subscribers as of this screenshot and more than 13k views on a recent video.

Click on Detroit | Local 4 | WDIV

This story performed really well for the station.

Not sure what type of stories will flourish? Let past results show you. Here’s a list of local news orgs with huge YouTube followings. We recommend doing a little digging to see what kind of content performs.

Other News Orgs on YouTube

TikTok for News

How’s TikTok going for your team? At a loss for what type of content to post? We can help.

WDIV is our cool kid example for TikTok as well. A recent video with almost 140k views:


Replying to @Darla Buckendahl Ask and you shall receive. Ladies & gentlemen, by popular demand: Nick. #giantslide #belleisle #belleislegiantslide #detroit #michigan #gopro #POV #fyp

♬ original sound – Local 4 News Detroit (WDIV)
Their follower account is still reasonably low with plenty of room to grow, but they’re on a roll testing out what type of content works there.

Other News Orgs on TikTok

Don’t sleep on any of these platforms. At this point in time, you can get traffic from so many places – so it’s not deciding where to be – it’s deciding how to get it all done efficiently. SND Dashboard is a huge help with streamlining your posting efforts and automating a lot of it.

Need more ideas? Read our blog series 10 Traffic Drivers from SND.

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