Twitter Scorecard Report

Did you know you can get all of your important Twitter insights right from Social News Desk’s SND Dashboard? The Twitter Scorecard Report allows you to monitor both owned accounts and public accounts. See how you’re performing in comparison with other newsrooms and publishers.

The Twitter Scorecard Report includes the following insights:

  • Followers – Total number of followers
  • Followers (+/-) – A percentage of change/growth over time, with time being the last period of equal length. (i.e. If you’re looking at the last week, then the % of change/growth is how many followers were gained in the past week, compared to the week prior)
  • Engagement – Combination of retweets and likes
  • Retweets – Total number of retweets on your posts
  • Likes – Total number of likes on your posts
  • Volume – Total number of posts

You can sort through the different insights to see what account is leading (or lacking) in each category. When you set up your report, you’ll also have the option to include an “Average Line” which will float, depending on which column the report has been “sorted by.”

As with all SND Reports, the reporting period is a “midnight-to-midnight” reporting period. The date range for the report will be displayed in the upper right-hand corner, below the Twitter icon.

Need help setting it up? Contact you SND Client Success team at