Fast Track: ‘Increase Tune-In & App Installs with Facebook Ads’

This is the hottest way to drive Tune In and App Downloads for TV stations. The stations doing this are floored and we almost can’t believe it either.

While we watched TV stations place ads, we noticed a lot of image campaigns and a lot of ‘guesses’ as to what the audience would respond to. We thought to ourselves – wait, these stations already have KILLER content that’s over-performing. Why not use that content to their advantage. 

Enter: SND’s proprietary Dynamic News Ads (DNA) technology. Let me break it down. 

  1. We use AI and a series of data signals to automatically identify your BEST-performing content. 
  2. We launch ads on Facebook and Instagram which update 24/7 as your content changes and depending on who is viewing the ad.
  3. The content includes a definitive call to action: Click to Read the Story, Watch Tonight at 6pm, Download the Weather App.
  4. It works every time. 

It’s better than boosting posts because it’s based on data and it’s updating in real time so you never have to guess if you got a return on your budget – you’ll know you did! Care to revisit why you should Stop Boosting Posts?

Upsides of always-on ads with DNA Technology

In a nutshell, here’s why we think you should run always-on ads with SND’s Dynamic News Ads tech to drive Clicks, Tune In and App Downloads:

  • Your best content + call to action + most effective creative = results.
  • We manage the whole process.
  • Your Facebook spend goes further because there are no costly mistakes and you spread the budget over more time and more content.
  • Your ad content is fresh 24/7

Tell Us More about Results!

Our Clients Say It Best:

Working with Social News Desk to help drive tune-in was practically effortless. The team is so easy to work with and tailored the Dynamic News Ads technology to fit our campaign and budget goals. The turnaround time from getting the SND team our content to delivering a proof and executing the ads on Facebook was impressive. I would definitely recommend Social News Desk’s Dynamic News Ads tech to those wanting to experiment with Facebook advertising.’ -Jenna Wood, WBRC, Gray TV

Want to learn more about driving Tune In or getting App Downloads? We can show you in 15 minutes – send us a quick email.