SND’s Fast Track Series: Paid Social in a Crazy World

“SND’s Fast Track series gets to the point. It’s speedy and effective. The ultimate rush if you’re ready to kick your Paid Social Strategy into overdrive.”

What is it?

Social News Desk’s 5-Part Crash Course designed to help you navigate Paid Social in a Crazy World begins Monday, September 14th! We’ll host a convenient, quick and informative session each day. And it’s open to anyone on your team… Sales, Creative Services, Digital and News.

When is it?

9/14: Monday Fast Track: Increase Tune-In & App Installs with Facebook Ads

9/15: Tuesday Fast Track: Grow Subscriptions through Facebook Ads

9/16: Wednesday Fast Track: Becoming a Branded Content Wiz

9/17: Thursday Fast Track: Agency Strategies that are Paying Off for Local News

9/18: Friday Fast Track: Leveraging Social for Internal Promotions

How do I sign up?

CLICK: Sign up for the First Live Session (Daily: Noon ET/11am CT/9am PT)

CLICK: Sign Up for the Second Live Session: (Daily: 3pm ET/2pm CT/Noon PT)

Can I watch the replay?

Yes for sure! Just sign up for one of the live series, attend what you can, and you’ll get an email with a video replay of each one.

It’s quick and flexible because we know your time is valuable. So we’re activating ideas to help you do whatever you need in the paid social space – easily. News interest is at an all-time high and there is so much opportunity, so let us show you the way. See you online!