Twitter just launched ‘Carousels’ for organic Tweets – and it’s live in SND

In the mood for something revolutionary on Social? How about this: Twitter just launched a brand new product concept that gives local news a creative way to tell stories.

It’s called ‘Carousels’ and even though Twitter is still testing it… Social News Desk is part of the Pilot Program so that means it’s live right now in SND Dashboard. And you can be first to get in on it by logging in now.

If your news org’s Twitter account has long been on Autopilot (that’s SND’s version of intelligent automation) – you’re in the majority. It’s an easy way to consistently get content posted regularly.

Enter ‘Carousels’ – ready-to-use organic carousel formats for organic tweets that enable to you change the way you push out news on Twitter. Here’s how:

  1. Customize the Format
  2. Deliver Better Stories
  3. Drive Calls to Action (note: Calls, plural)
Twitter Carousels: Multiple Videos, Pics and Links in One Place

If you’re already using SND Dashboard, it’s yours to try right now. Here’s why you should…

  • Improve Storytelling – deliver richer content that grabs attention on Twitter.
  • Multiple Media Types – Carousels allows image, video and article carousels. You can use all of it.
  • Interactive, Swipeable Cards – horizontal media swipes provide a format change.
  • Customized Destinations – add single or multiple destinations to diversify your message and URLs.

^^^ Pattern interrupt! That’s killer. It means you can send traffic more than one direction and tell a story with multiple elements.

Can you do all this through SND? YES! That’s why we’re doubly excited. Here’s a quick video to show you how it works…

Why Use Carousels?  

  1. To Drive Engagement (stand out in the crowd, get attention, drive engagement)
  2. To Foster Immediate Action (the multiple calls-to-action has our head spinning in every direction)
  3. To Have More Flexibility (creative, customizable, but easy)

Coming Soon: The Data Will Be All Yours:

  • More Data Available to You: Analytics are a mix of Ads and Public API data.
  • More Granularity: You’ll get engagement metrics for each slide.
  • General Metrics: Track RTs and other engagement metrics just like regular, organic Tweets

We’ll keep you posted as ‘Twitter Carousels’ data becomes more available!

Newsrooms we’ve talked to see this as a huge opportunity to get content noticed, increase engagement and drive extra traffic. And by the way, if you’re having trouble figuring out how to post a Carousel natively on Twitter… that’s because it isn’t available there. So you can stop looking.

We can’t wait to start showing off creative Carousels courtesy of our clients. Tag @socialnewsdesk in the comments of yours and we’ll feature it!

Need inspiration? Here are 6 ways to use Twitter’s New ‘Carousels’ for organic tweets.

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