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Bradley Bower
Social News Desk has been a valuable partner to build a relationship with. The entire team is willing to put in the work to build solutions for the ever changing digital media landscape."
Bradley Bower | Digital Strategist, Hearst Television

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Strategically publish, automate, schedule, and manage performance metrics from a single screen.

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  • Take Control: Streamline your workflow and make better content choices using the SND Planner. Read More
  • Syndication: Empower your content hubs to leverage your scale and easily syndicate and distribute customized content to hundreds of markets at once. Read More
  • Reporting: The data you need, in the way you need it. Live dashboards plus robust email reports – all fully customizable. And we can integrate with your internal data systems. Read More
  • Messenger: Breakthrough technology lets your audience subscribe to receive content from you directly through Messenger. And automatically invites your Facebook audience to subscribe. Read More
  • SND Auto Pilot: SND's proprietary publishing-automation technology leverages real-time data and AI to help newsrooms save time, increase engagement and publish smarter - 24/7. 
  • Save Time, Increase Traffic: SND Auto Pilot will automatically identify and recirculate new and overperforming content at an interval that you control.
  • AI-Driven Decisions: SND Auto Pilot tells you the best times to post and the best frequency so you can be sure you're getting the most out of your content distribution strategy.
  • Custom Controls: Automation shouldn't be all or nothing. SND's unique approach lets you blend manual, scheduled and automated publishing into the perfect, custom strategy for your team.
  • Single Sign On compatible with no added fees. Read More
  • Multiple user-permission levels made to fit your needs. Read More
  • Reduce security vulnerabilities and eliminate password sharing. Read More
  • Social Display: Seamlessly create custom, animated, visual displays of any social or digital content. Read More
  • Breaking News: Find the latest tweet or video post on social media, style it and get it on air in seconds. Read More
  • Studio Ready: Easily integrate with your current studio set-up or use this to kick your set to the next level. Works with any monitor - including touchscreens. Read More
  • The simplest way to build, optimize and report on all of your paid social and branded content ad campaigns. Read More
  • Manage both organic and paid social campaigns for clients inside SND Dashboard. Read More
  • Monitor performance and edit budgets, targeting, copy and creative for active campaigns. Read More
  • Live dashboard view makes it simpler and faster to fulfill ads across multiple markets, clients and campaigns. Read More
  • Client-centric reports with customizable metrics. Read More
  • Powerful internal reports with multiple views and best practice recommendations. Read More



SND's proprietary, tech-enabled service turns your best content into ads that are optimized for audience acquisition, lead gen or even TV tune-in.

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  • SND's industry-leading, proprietary Dynamic News Ads technology automatically identifies your best content and uses it to build the best ad in real-time. Read More
  • We combine artificial intelligence with real-world journalism experience to make sure your ads reflect your brand strategy. Read More
  • Get the best result at the best cost thanks to our unique blend of proprietary in-house technology with expert optimization led by our Blueprint Certified, Client Success Team. Read More
  • We know what works and put it to work for your team. No matter how big or how small. Read More
  • Better than Boosting: Don't throw money at the wall, let our superhuman approach redirect those 'boost dollars' to strategic, Dynamic News Ads instead - optimized using AI and measured using real KPIs. Read More
  • SND's Dynamic News Ads technology is driving conversions of new digital subscribers, generating leads for email newsletter signups, and improving retention for some of the world's largest news brands. Read More
  • Not just for newspapers. Find out how SND's Dynamic News Ads technology is increasing app downloads and growing tune-in for major TV brands. Read More


Ian Hill
Social News Desk understands digital newsrooms and social media for journalists, and the team is great about responding to our support requests."
Ian Hill | TEGNA

Social Media Solutions for the Entire Team

Tools for Newsrooms

Time-saving workflow solutions for every aspect of your social media strategy, execution, security and reporting.

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Tools for Ad Ops

All of what you need, none of what you don't. The fastest, headache-free way to build and measure social ads.

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Tools for Acquisition

Our leading-edge technology finds your best content and turns it into higher-quality, more cost-effective ads.

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Tools for Production

Seamlessly curate and add digital content, social content, online photos, videos and more to your next broadcast.

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Social News Desk’s Acquisition Ad Tech is really impressive. We appear to be maintaining acquisition costs which are a significant improvement over other methods on FB. It actually substantially impacts the entire business model."
Jeff | Village Media

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