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Save hours of time by consolidating all of your social accounts across all platforms into a unified dashboard for social metrics.

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Define your measure of success and analyze the content that performs best for your audiences. Re-share your greatest hits to drive more engagement.

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No more running reports every day, every week, every month. Create your customized report once, and let us keep your teams in the loop on a schedule that you choose.

Intelligent audience insights

Make data-driven content decisions based on your audience’s habits over time.

Competitive analysis & benchmarking

Keep tabs on your competitors or learn from leaders in your industry with scorecard reports and up-to-the-minute competitive stats.

Works with Google

Share data with external tools with our easy-to-use Google Sheets integration.

Complex data
made simple

Whether you’re analyzing a single post, keeping tabs on a single social account or understanding your entire social footprint, our powerful reporting suite helps you get the data you need without the complex setup.

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