Nextdoor Publishing Available for Government Agencies in SND

SND's Nextdoor integration now supports publishing and scheduling content right from the Dashboard!

Social News Desk is excited to introduce a new Nextdoor feature for government agencies: you can now publish and schedule posts directly to Nextdoor for your agency’s page!


Why Nextdoor?


Nextdoor has become a vital hub for community engagement. It’s where neighbors connect, share news, and discuss important local issues. For your government agency, this means having a direct line to your residents, allowing for quick and relevant communication. With SND’s latest integration with Nextdoor, your agency can fully leverage this hyper-local platform, enhancing your outreach and service delivery. 

Early Partner Advantage


We’re thrilled to be an early partner of Nextdoor for publishing. The SND Dashboard already provides users a way to discover engaging and current content on Nextdoor with Search and Listen. This latest collaboration highlights our commitment to offering cutting-edge tools tailored to the evolving needs of government agencies. As one of the few social media management tools with Nextdoor publishing capabilities, Social News Desk gives you a competitive edge in community engagement. 


Getting Started


Using Social News Desk’s Nextdoor integration is a breeze. Here’s how:


1. Connect Your Nextdoor Account: Link your agency’s Nextdoor account to Social News Desk.
2. Create and Schedule Posts: Use our easy-to-navigate interface to craft your messages and schedule them for the best times.
3. Monitor and Engage: Track how your posts are performing and engage with your community directly through the platform.

Ready to elevate your community engagement? Join the Social News Desk family today and start publishing to Nextdoor with ease. Get in touch with our team at, or sign up for a free demo!

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