SND Dashboard defeats down December news cycle

Here it comes gang, December. The November book is over, granted vacation requests are thinning the newsroom pool, and people in markets everywhere just aren’t that into doing newsworthy things. You could

Here it comes gang, December. The November book is over, granted vacation requests are thinning the newsroom pool, and people in markets everywhere just aren’t that into doing newsworthy things. You could play “newsroom bingo” with the number of bell-ringers, Santas, coat drives and toy drops coming out of the editing bays. And those are all great and necessary things to cover, but what else is out there? How can you keep your feeds on social media rich with content?

You steal borrow it, of course. But from where? And most importantly, what content is worth using? With SND Dashboard, you can use your curation streams to find that content and post it immediately to your own Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

Public Search

In the top right of your SND Dashboard, use the “Search” feature to browse public streams. These are most likely going to be streams from local authorities, national news partners, or other streams of common interest in the arts or entertainment.

People who find People search for “people”.

To load an Instagram stream, type in the @handle for the page. For Facebook and Twitter, you have broader search options.

Top Ten

Want to be sure the content is actually popular before you repurpose it? Set up a few Top Ten streams for national news and news from your sister stations or news partners. Set your parameters (most Shared, most Commented, et cetera) and there it is, the best news at your fingertips.

Top Ten from your partner pages and national news sources


Share It, Retweet It, Repost It

Now you have your content, so share it! Click on the “Share” option under any story and a box will pop up that allows you to select your target accounts. This workflow is the same for retweeting content.

Click “Share,” choose your accounts, and go.

And if the post is from a social media account that your group manages, say from a sister station, you can find an option to immediately start a new native post under the ellipsis. That way you can post the content as your own and get the engagement credit.

There it is, “Repost.” We even made the thumbnail green for your convenience. You’re welcome.

You can also use this feature to grab the original assets from the post and then repost them across networks, so if you have an Instagram post that you want to share to your Facebook page, go for it! Mine content from your own native sources.

RSS Feeds

Have the RSS feeds handy for your news partners’ news categories? Then that makes sharing content even easier. What’s more, you can quickly post this content as native to your social media accounts. Just hit the green post shortcut attached to any story in the feed; no need to hop back and forth to the original website to copy and paste the URL.

Hit the button and get straight to your post.

An added bonus: if you have multiple sister newsrooms in your group we have a way to instantly change the core URL for the shared link to reflect your website’s URL. It’s called “White Label Linking.” Send people to your page instead of another!

Prepare for Next Year

SND Dashboard now has a feature that allows you to tag posts with custom keywords. These are not visible by your audience, they’re a management tool that you can use to find themed content. Tag your holiday content now so that next December you have something to recycle! And we all know that a promise to recycle more next year is an excellent New Year’s resolution.

Resolve to remind everyone every year of the dangers of holiday snacking.

Questions about setting up white label links? Questions about how to add RSS feeds as columns in your SND Dashboard? Questions about any of our features? Hit us up at May your days be merry and bright, and may all your December news feeds be tight.


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