Lead your community with confidence on social media when crisis events occur.

Don’t wait until the storm hits!

SND has created this comprehensive guide for government public information officers and social media managers to prepare well ahead for sudden crisis communications events.


With this compact 25-page eBook, you’ll craft a social media crisis plan based on real-world examples and advice from experts in public safety communications:


1. What types of crises do local governments face?

2. Common social media challenges during a crisis

3: The crisis communications playbook for social media

      a. Prepare     b. Act     c. Respond    d. Review

4. Helpful resources and templates


Be sure to check out the detailed interview with Brian Ligon, Communications Director for Mont Belvieu, TX, which closes out the eBook! The unique needs of his community require effective preparedness, so his comments and real-world experience are especially valuable.


Download now and be better prepared for the future!

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