NEW: Create Vertical Videos right inside your SND Dashboard

Vertical videos are having a moment on social. In fact, according to Facebook, 79% of ‘novice video consumers’ prefer the vertical format and consider it more engaging. The team at Meta is so sure vertical video is the future, it recently added a whole host of new features to Reels for Instagram and Facebook. So how can your team stay ahead of the curve and start creating more vertical video? Introducing Social News Desk’s new Vertical Video Studio.

Is this mic on?

The Vertical Video Studio is now available in SND Dashboard as a limited Beta Test (which means – give it a whirl and tell us what you think!), you can use it to create videos for Reels and other vertical video platforms in minutes.

Have we grabbed your attention?!

There are two ways to launch Vertical Video Studio, depending on how you’d like to build the slides for your video. You can either open it from the icon in the left rail. This allows you to build your story from scratch starting with a URL (which uses your story’s photo and headline as a starting point), photo or text. 

You can also access Vertical Video Studio from the top of any social account stream. Launching this way populates the five most recent posts from the account you selected. Now you’re able to edit and customize accordingly, or generate and post the video as is! 

Speaking of customizing, there are a lot of tools in the Vertical Video Studio to help you emphasize a video and, you guessed it, grab that attention! For example, you can change the text color, font and size for each slide, control the slide duration, and even select music.

Now we don’t want to give away ALL of the customization options (insert tease from a former news producer) so to get the full effect of what you can do, we’d love for you to check it out!   

As you build your video, you can preview it as you go. And then once your video is ready, you can generate the video to post now or schedule, or you can download your video for later. 

Ready to try out Vertical Video Studio? We have a Product Tour in SND Dashboard that takes you through step-by-step. Or you can watch this quick video walkthrough on how to use it. 

Once you’ve had a chance to give it a whirl, we’d love to hear your feedback! It’s critical. And it’s important. Please let us know it all – what works, what doesn’t and what else you’d like to see with SND’s Vertical Video Studio. Email us at: with “Vertical Video Studio Feedback” in the subject.