Are your Facebook pages ready for 2020?

Circle January 2020 on your calendar and know that there are a few things you must get done before then to be sure your Facebook pages are ready to ring in the

Circle January 2020 on your calendar and know that there are a few things you must get done before then to be sure your Facebook pages are ready to ring in the new year. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

1) Register all your news pages for the News Page Index

If you’ve forgotten about this or put it off for some other reason, now is the time to move it up on your priority list. For your newsroom to be eligible to get access to Facebook’s News Products in 2020 and beyond, you must set this up for all your main brand and sub-brand pages (Note: it is not available for talent pages).

Among other requirements, NPI registration is one of the keys for your newsroom to be considered for access to products like Today In, the Breaking News Beta, and the Subscription Messaging permission. As part of the NPI, your page is also exempt from having to get authorized for certain ad types and from having to include certain disclaimers on Facebook ads about social issues, elections, or politics.

Bottom line, you are going to need to do this sooner or later, so do it now. Not sure how? Check out our past blog post on this topic here.

2) Setup and Organize your Business Manager

One of the requirements to register for the NPI is that you have a Business Manager set up with your news pages. Beyond that, Business Manager can be incredibly helpful for several reasons.

  • CONTROL: Manage access and permissions for all your assets in one place as your team, agencies, and partners change over time.
  • TIME SAVINGS: Bulk add people to have permissions on multiple pages, ad accounts, or other assets.
  • PRIVACY: Connect with your coworkers on Business Manager without needing to friend them and share your Facebook profile.
  • INTEGRATIONS: Works with Social News Desk and other third-party tools to authenticate your pages, ad accounts, pixels, audiences.

While it can take some time to set up your Business Manager fully, the benefits are well worth it and we can help. Reach out to Social News Desk for assistance anytime.

3) Make a plan for how to use Messenger in your Social Strategy

Beginning in 2020, News Pages on Facebook will be allowed to do something no other businesses can do: send subscription messages through Messenger. It’s a powerful “News-only” feature of Facebook that you’ll want to enable. But you can only do it if you have registered in the NPI, and your Page has also applied for the Subscription Messaging permission.

This permission will let you deploy a Messenger application like the one we’ve built at Social News Desk, allowing your audience to subscribe to receive links to news on Messenger as part of a daily digest of content from your Page.

If you are an avid Social News Desk blog reader, you already know that we predict Messenger Contacts will become the new Facebook Likes. That’s because Messenger is a great opportunity to bypass the noise and algorithms of the News Feed. And what’s more, you own the contacts and can reach them with personalized content.

Imagine building up Messenger Contacts just as you’ve built up newsletter subscribers. These people become your “private” audience for news alerts, top-stories digests, and promotions.

Social News Desk is currently testing our Messenger solution with our Test Drive Team newsrooms. And it will be available to all SND Dashboard users early next year. This is why now is the time to get set up on the NPI and to go ahead and subscribe to the Subscription Messaging permission.

Example Messenger digest powered by Social News Desk

Need more info?

If you want to learn more, join our webinar next month to dive deeper into these topics. Or drop us a line at, if you have questions or need a custom webinar for your team.

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