LinkedIn’s new algorithm: 5 ways to maximize your post reach

LinkedIn is trying to make its feed more relevant and informative.
5 Strategies to Boost Your Post Visibility with LinkedIn's New Algorithm

If you’re one of millions who share content across LinkedIn, you’ll want to know about the platform’s latest changes: showing more “knowledge and advice (and fewer selfies, by the way).

Why the change? Over the past few years, LinkedIn posts became much more personal — especially during the pandemic when many worked from home. Suddenly, the platform didn’t look too much like a professional network anymore.

Now, LinkedIn is trying to make its feed more relevant and informative.

Speaking of: your followers will likely see more of your posts. It’s what users said they want — and hey, it makes sense. After all, most people find content from their network the most valuable!

So, what does all of this mean for your posts? Here are 5 things you can start doing now (while scheduling your LinkedIn content in Social News Desk!):

Focus on sharing knowledge and advice

This is how your posts can still reach people who don’t currently follow you.

“We’re focused on encouraging knowledge sharing. It’s about reaching the right professionals with the right information or topics that they care about and that can help in their careers,” says Alice Xiong, Director of Product for LinkedIn Search.

Write in your core subject area

Put simply: write about what you know! LinkedIn can check against your profile and information to see if, in fact, you’re well-versed in a certain subject. After all, it wants to make sure it puts out high-quality content on others’ feeds.

Resonate with a specific audience

Your content should resonate with a specific audience instead of trying to appeal to a general one.

If you’re a paper that has a track record of solid investigative journalism and you write your latest piece in a series, the algorithm will make sure the right people see it. Or if you’re a school, you might focus on alumni spotlight or success stories – topics that would interest those in your target audience.

Make sure posts have “meaningful comments”

It’s no longer about the number of comments a post has. Now, it’s all about “meaningful comments” — that is, ones that contribute to the conversation. And don’t forget to contribute to your own, too!

Luckily, in SND, you can look quickly find posts with the highest comments. Why not jump into the conversation yourself?

Share a unique perspective

It’s always better to offer your own perspective and insights instead of generic information. LinkedIn wants to share unique, insightful information – with the right people.

Want to talk through your LinkedIn strategy or learn more about how it works with SND? Send us an email:

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