No more Tweetdeck? Here’s how you can use SND to get more out of social

Tweetdeck (now X Pro) may be harder to access - but SND is here to help!
Maximize social media with SND without Tweetdeck.

So long, Tweetdeck — at least if you wanted to use it for free. Tweetdeck (now X Pro) is now only available with a subscription.

That may be not-so-welcome news for some. The tool was a popular way to manage multiple Twitter (now X) accounts in one view.

But we’re not here to be the bearer of bad news (quite the opposite, actually!). Using Social News Desk for all of your X needs is not only simple…it’s convenient. And it gives you control over more than just X.

See the bigger ‘social puzzle’

Sure, Tweetdeck had a lot of special features to monitor tweets. But that’s just it: it’s just tweets. What about Facebook and Instagram Reels, TikTok posts, or even YouTube videos?

Social News Desk (SND) supports all of these social platforms – whether you want to publish, schedule, or look at analytics (yes, you can publish to different platforms all at once). It’s all about the entire social puzzle, and we’re here to make your life easy by putting all the pieces together.

SND: Streamlining Social Media Management

Hone in on what matters most on X

What about those times you do want to focus on one social platform (like X)? SND’s got you covered.

We’ve gotten questions like:

  • How does my X account stack up against my competitors?
  • How can I monitor my X account performance on a regular basis (without doing any work?)
  • Am I able to monitor a topic or certain accounts on X?

The answer is always simple: There’s an SND tool for that! Here’s some easy things that will help:

Why log into another tool when your one tool (SND) can help?

Do more with less on X

Let’s face it: Times have changed with X. We see many organizations wanting to automate tweets – whether it’s every day, or just on the weekends. Either way, we can help get you set up in a few quick steps with our innovative SND Autopilot technology. This means you let SND send tweets for you. Set it up once, and you’re done!

We’ve got your back

So there you have it! SND is a steady, reliable tool in the face of X’s many changes.

Have questions about your X strategy, or need help with automation set up? We’re here for that and any other questions that pop up. Our Client Success Team is always here to help you ‘win’ on social (that incudes X!). Shoot us an email to learn more:

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