Promote your Facebook post with a call-to-action button

Encourage and direct users by adding a simple one or two word text option on your post.

Publishing engaging content and grabbing the attention of your audience with creative post text are certainly two important (and necessary) components of any social media post. To further encourage a user to take a next step with your Facebook post, think about adding a call-to-action button – also know as a CTA.

The following CTA buttons are available for a Facebook post: 

  • Apply Now: Tailored for businesses offering application-based services, directing users to the relevant application form or process.
  • Book Now: Target users looking to make reservations or bookings.
  • Contact Us: Direct avenue for communication for users seeking more information or assistance.
  • Download: Encourages users to download valuable resources directly from your platform.
  • Get Quote: For users looking to obtain pricing or estimates.
  • Install Now: Encourages users to download and install applications.
  • Learn More: This versatile button redirects users to dedicated landing pages or resources for further exploration.
  • Listen Music: For users to explore and enjoy music content.
  • See Menu: Directs users to view comprehensive menu offerings.
  • Shop Now: This button directs users to an online store for hassle-free shopping experiences.
  • Sign Up: So that users can sign up for exclusive offers or updates.
  • Subscribe: Subscribe regular updates or content for ongoing engagement.
  • Use App: For businesses with mobile apps, this button directs users to download and start using applications.
  • Watch More: Redirects users to explore more multimedia content.
  • Watch Video: Encourages users to engage with your video content.

Once you’ve determined where to take your user with your post, choosing a call-to-action button is easy!

Get in touch with us at if you have any questions about choosing a CTA for your Facebook post.

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