Threads Beta now available to all Social News Desk customers

SND is one of the first Beta partners to offer Threads to our customers.

We’re thrilled to announce that Threads (Beta) is now available for all Social News Desk customers!

We’ve partnered with Meta over the past few months to help with the development of the Threads API. As a result, we can offer publishing, scheduling and analytics for Threads. As an SND customer you now have early access to that capability.

Currently, the Beta version of the Threads API supports publishing and content display. We anticipate reply moderation and engagement insights to be available very soon. As new capabilities are added to the API we’ll make them available to you.

Threads is the fastest growing platform in social media history with tens of millions of users. We’re honored to be one of Meta’s first few partners to have access to this new Threads API! We invite all of our customers to onboard their Threads account and share their feedback.If you have questions about onboarding your Threads account, please refer to the SND Knowledge Base or reach out to our Client Success team at

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