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Webinar Replay: CrowdTangle is Going Away…Now What? (And Other New Features in SND Dashboard)

Support is winding down on Meta’s CrowdTangle platform and it’s one of those tools that most newsies can’t live without. Team SND has gleaned the most used features from CrowdTangle and integrated them into SND Dashboard to keep you informed without any hiccups. Search & Listen is among our newest features. Here’s the webinar replay…

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New Features in SND Dashboard

What’s the saying – the one thing that’s constant is change? It’s true of your SND Dashboard – but all in an effort to add and accommodate new features while streamlining others. Here’s a quick, written tour: Tabs are now at the bottom of your Dashboard. Now you’ll see content front and center. We know…

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CrowdTangle is Going Away…Now What?

You’ve heard the news by now that CrowdTangle is shutting down, and many of you depend on the platform. While you’re likely worried about losing access, Social News Desk is making the transition easier. We’ve surveyed clients for the most used features and created access in SND Dashboard so that you don’t miss a beat….

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