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LinkedIn is trying to make its feed more relevant and informative....
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5 Strategies to Boost Your Post Visibility with LinkedIn's New Algorithm

LinkedIn has almost a billion users worldwide, with 202 million in the U.S. alone. It’s been around for 20 years...

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linkedin phone

If you already use SND Autopilot to automate posting to Facebook and Twitter, you already know how much time it...

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As LinkedIn becomes more important to publishers looking to diversify their traffic, we’re adding new metrics to SND Post Manager...

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Monitor Your LinkedIn Performance with SND Post Manager

We know newsrooms have their hands full when it comes to managing social media. Most newsrooms have fully automated Twitter....

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Discover How Newsrooms Can Leverage Automation to Achieve Greater Success on Social Media

Publishing to your newsroom’s LinkedIn page in SND Dashboard just got easier! How so, you ask? Automation. Just like you’re...

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Notice your traffic from Facebook is in steep decline? It’s by design. News has been de-prioritized in the Feed (notice,...

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Diversifying your newsroom’s social strategy has become more important than ever. With Meta deprioritizing news on Facebook, traffic from there...

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SND: Boost LinkedIn Clicks with Traffic Drivers

When it comes to sharing new content, LinkedIn is a new frontier for many newsrooms. We’ve gathered a few tips...

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As diversifying your newsroom’s social strategy becomes more and more important, Social News Desk now supports LinkedIn publishing in SND...

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SND Dashboard: LinkedIn Publishing Now Available

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