USA TODAY captures readers in their inboxes with @SocialNewsDesk ad tech

USA TODAY has grown into a digital leader in news reaching over 70 million unique visitors per month on average. Additionally, USA TODAY’s newsletters reach hundreds of thousands of people with relevant and curated news at the “front door” of their inbox. 

Social News Desk (SND) and USA TODAY have been working together since 2020 launching local market initiatives that include lead generation for newsletters for more than 70 local markets in the Gannett network of newspapers. Following up on the success seen there, the team at Gannett’s USA TODAY joined forces with SND last summer to continue growing its newsletter sign-ups as well.   

Using SND’s proprietary Dynamic News Ads technology, USA TODAY has captured more than 600,000 new newsletter sign-ups at an average cost of $1.01 per lead. And we made it easy for them. Our technology enabled USA TODAY to better leverage existing content, while SND did all the heavy lifting and the newsletter sign-ups rolled in.  

Social News Desk’s ad tech leverages its algorithm to automatically identify a newsroom’s best content, dynamically, in real time, across all platforms … and then serves it up to readers in the form of a results-driven ad. This approach maximizes ROI and cuts down on the cost to reach those readers. We’ve seen success across a variety of objectives including lead-gen, conversion, traffic, reach, and even tune-in (for our TV friends). 

The modern newsroom’s approach to newsletter strategy varies. But for USA TODAY, the team offers readers a chance to sign up for free newsletters that cover a wide range of topics from general news to more specific subject matter including topics such as the Coronavirus, sports, the war in Ukraine, travel and more. 

USA TODAY understands that getting readers to sign up for newsletters is an incredible tool for introducing them to their content and eventually to their subscription offerings. As readers receive the newsletters in their inboxes daily, they see the excellent journalism being produced by USA TODAY and the value of a paid subscription, which provides unlimited digital access to premium, subscriber-only content.  

Are you ready to try out Social News Desk’s Dynamic News Ads technology? You can try it for as little as a month with no commitment. Email us today to learn more and schedule a call.