You Must Have A Favorite Market…

Whether it’s the market you started in, the market you’re in now (your news director prefers this, btw) or the market you aspire to get to…those of us in the industry all have a favorite television market.

And those who are overseeing MULTIPLE markets – well, their favorite may change by the day. You have the tough job of keeping up with multiple markets. 

Track the markets you love/care about/are accountable for inside the new version of the Social Rankings app. We just launched a brand new update – and one of our favorite features –  ‘Favorites.’ 

Search for Favorites.

You now have quick access to the markets you need to check out the most often. It’s an easy way to check out social media performance, engagement numbers and what posts are performing best.  

All Your Favorites in One Place

Search for them. Favorite them. Check them often. 

Read more about the other features inside the new Social Rankings. 

And if you’re looking to update your profile inside Social Rankings – here’s the link to do it.

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