Dynamic News Ads from SND (This is for You, News Directors and Creative Service Managers)

News Directors & Creative Service Managers – you have big goals; drive tune in, get app downloads and get email newsletter sign ups.

Social News Desk’s proprietary Dynamic News Ads (DNA) technology uses your BEST content to make that happen with ease. We do all the work.

This short wrap-up whips through how it works (skip to the end if you’re an AP NewsAlert type vs. Full Article type).

Here’s How it Works:

Social News Desk’s proprietary DNA technology was created by news people (like us) for news people (like you). First, you give us a budget (TIP: Do this with whatever $$ you had set aside to Boost Posts – it’s WAY more effective.) Next, SND creates a feed that pulls your BEST PERFORMING ORGANIC SOCIAL CONTENT (like the stories you can’t believe are doing so well on Facebook). Lastly, SND automatically turns that feed into an ad on Facebook with the call to action you want.

Some Call to Action Options:

  • Tune In: Watch Tonight at 5pm!
  • Download our Weather App Now!
  • Sign Up to Get News Delivered to your Email!
  • Click to read these stories!

You do not have to have any expertise in placing an ad on Facebook. You can stop boosting your posts now (please). Quickest route, set up 15 minutes with us to chat and we’ll help you automatically start reaching your goals.


  • Smarter Spend: Your marketing budget goes further.
  • Save Time: We do all the work. You boast results.
  • Breaking News: We can trigger ads during breaking news and breaking weather (when you’re too busy to do it yourself.)
  • Measurable Results: We’ll send you a simple report so you know your exact results.  

Case Studies:

So far, so great! Newsrooms are seeing incredible results with little to no effort. A few highlights:

  • 3-6% Increase in Nielsen Share with the same budget
  • 1095% Increase in App Downloads with the same budget
  • 278% Increase in Newsletter Sign Ups with the same budget

Quick Summary:

  • SND identifies your top-performing organic social posts and automatically turns them into ads. Those ads can drive tune in, app installs and newsletter signups.
  • Make your Facebook advertising dollars go further by using your own great content to drive conversions.
  • Better than Boosting! Get a 100%+ increase in performance without needing to increase your spend!
  • SND can even time your ads with severe weather.

Truly, a 15-minute call and demo will get you rolling. We have several price points to choose from to fit your budget and we can even talk about running a free trial for you. Send us a note to find out more.