SND Leaderboard Encourages Friendly Competition, Better Social

“Everyone walks by our newsroom monitor to check out what number they are. It’s pretty awesome! It successfully has such a big effect in our newsroom.” – WWLP Digital Manager, Ashley Shook

Social News Desk is full of valuable analytics to help you gauge your engagement and understand the shifting needs of your social strategy. One of those analytics widgets is the SND Leaderboard. This valuable tool keeps track of everyone on your staff who uses SND to post (not just talent) and calculates who is getting the highest engagement numbers. Even better, it’s customizable! This way you can create multiple instances; one to focus on digital staff, one for the reporters, etc.

WWLP-TV (Nexstar) has used the SND Leaderboard to light a competitive fire with their on-air talent. Using a monitor in the newsroom to display important insights, they showcase the SND Leaderboard and herald those who sit atop the standings.

Meteorologist Nick Bannin celebrates his rise to the top of the SND Leaderboard.

Meteorologist Nick Bannin has been vying for that top spot, and finally hit it. His prize? A Social News Desk Hashtag Man (he saves the day, easing your social media stresses… Just like Social News Desk).

Why is something like this important? We’ve found that creating friendly competition in this way removes the mindset of “Oh great, just another thing I have to do during my day.” And it turns the mindset into, “How can I get better at social, so I can dethrone Felicia at the top of the Leaderboard? I want nothing more than to stand at the monitor and say, ‘Bye Felicia!'” Social media for reporters shouldn’t be something that is forced, but something that is natural. Focusing on the best practices to increase engagement is a great way to do that. (Shameless plug: Need a refresher on those best practices and want to learn about some advanced features inside your SND Dashboard? Schedule a Custom Webinar with us today!)

A big shout-out to Ashley Shook and her team at WWLP. They have taken great strides in getting their whole team more involved in social and using the SND Dashboard to centralize their efforts.