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Looking for a team that will work at your pace and understand your newsroom’s goals? You just found them. 

Kim WilsonKim Wilson

Kim brings a fierceness to everything she does. Her creativity and determination are the driving force behind SND’s exponential growth. Kim has been recognized as one of the top 100 business leaders worldwide by her alma mater, the University of Florida – where she studied Journalism and football. Go Gators!

Kim Wilson

Elisa DeFoeElisa DeFoe

Elisa has been with SND since Day 1 - helping to accelerate Social News Desk into premiere newsroom software. The former Executive Producer delights in working with 'her kind of people' (news people) every day. When she's not, you'll find her rocking out at the dance fitness studio she owns in Florida.

Elisa DeFoe

Chief Marketing Officer
Aaron KingAaron King

Aaron is a technology innovator and cultivator of successful people and teams. He believes software should bring joy to its users and constantly evolve to their needs. In his early teens he started his career by cold-calling his first web-design customer, later in his mid-thirties he crushed a karaoke outing by singing a Backstreet Boys song, so he's going places.

Aaron King

Chief Technology Officer
Savannah CokeroftSavannah Cokeroft

Savannah thrives on empowering others to tackle the ever-changing monster that can be social media. When she is not learning something new, she is visiting the newest local restaurant or watching her favorite reality tv show. She lives in Central Florida with her husband and two corgis.

Savannah Cokeroft

Head of Client Success
Apryl PilolliApryl Pilolli

Apryl is a 22-year veteran of the media industry with experience in news, marketing and sales. During that time she has held just about every job conceivable - except running the printing press. Apryl loves being at the forefront of technology and creating great products. She lives in Atlanta with her boyfriend and two rescue dogs, one of whom has his own viral video.

Apryl Pilolli

Head of Innovation
Sarah LoydSarah Loyd

Sarah is not a morning person, which explains her previous life as a morning show producer. She loves helping newsrooms find ways to slay social media strategy, almost as much as she loves the San Antonio Spurs. As SND’s most spirited Texan, she feels it's her duty to educate the team on tacos and warm weather.

Sarah Loyd

Sr. Client Success Manager
Donnie HunniecuttDonnie Hunniecutt

Donnie enjoys solving problems, especially those related to software. In his spare time, he’s usually playing video games with his kids, tinkering with various robotics platforms, or playing some mean drums. Donnie lives in Florida with his two children.

Donnie Hunniecutt

Sr. Software Developer
Keith KeoughKeith Keough

Keith loves computers and engineering so much that he named his dogs Linux and Chrome. When he’s not engineering or playing with his pups, he likes to listen to podcasts and play competitive video games. Keith lives in Florida with his wife and family.

Keith Keough

Sr. Software Developer
Chris HullChris Hull

Chris Hull takes a lot of pride in building software with the goal of impressing the user. He loves being part of developing modern UIs that are interesting and enjoyable to use. His work has touched everything from higher education to cyber security and now, social media for newsrooms. He went to college for music and often plays trumpet at local events. When he’s home with his wife and foster cats, he enjoys cooking and eating – especially experimenting with international foods.

Chris Hull

Software Developer
Kelli PapendickKelli Papendick

Kelli is thrilled to reunite with newsrooms even though she’s not stacking a rundown. Learning the ins and outs of digital toolsets is her jam and she thrives on helping others succeed by making sure they understand “why” something works. When Kelli’s not training newsrooms on a new feature, she’s probably getting crushed by her kids during family game night. Kelli lives in the Chicagoland area with her husband and two daughters.

Kelli Papendick

Client Success Manager
Tony ShepherdTony Shepherd

Tony is an operational expert who understands the unique demands on media organisations in today’s exciting media landscape. He has always had a fascination with technology and how it can improve organisational processes. Being from ‘down under’ he enjoys all sports but especially Aussie Rules Football.

Tony Shepherd

International Business Development