How Municipalities Can Save Time and Share More with SND Autopilot

Whether you’re looking to beef up your weekend posting schedule or share content across multiple pages, SND Autopilot can help!

Maintaining an active and engaging social media presence is crucial for municipal success, but it often demands more time than municipal communicators have. Balancing content creation with other responsibilities can be overwhelming. Even the most seasoned municipal pros and social media managers struggle to find time to keep their pages populated with posts, especially when it comes to weekends.

Enter SND Autopilot, a revolutionary tool designed by Social News Desk. Autopilot leverages real-time data and AI to empower municipalities to save time, enhance engagement, and optimize their social media publishing strategies. Whether you’re aiming to strengthen your weekend posting schedule or ensure seamless content sharing across various pages, Autopilot is the solution.

Recirculate Top-Performing Content


Weekends typically see lower activity on social media from municipalities. Autopilot’s social account feed offers an automated solution to repost your most successful content from the week, giving it another chance to engage your audience. You can select posts based on metrics like clicks or engagement rates, ensuring that only the most impactful content gets reshared.

Crosspost Across Pages


Autopilot also facilitates effortless cross-posting across different municipal pages. This feature not only promotes other municipal social media accounts but also disseminates valuable information widely within the community. For instance, content from a city fire department page can be seamlessly shared on the main city page with Autopilot’s straightforward setup.

Tag-Based Content Recirculation


Use Autopilot’s Social Account Feed to recirculate content based on post tags. If you already organize your posts using SND’s tagging feature, you can automate the reposting of tagged content. This feature enables efficient tracking of post performance and facilitates the curation of content for future Autopilot feeds, making it ideal for promoting recurring events or seasonal reminders.

Curate with Top Picks and Manual Feeds


Municipalities can curate a manual feed in Autopilot, hand-picking specific content for distribution. This feature allows you to select content from various sources such as RSS feeds or social media accounts, ensuring only the most relevant posts are shared during specific times, such as weekends.

Tailored Feeds with Advanced Options


Autopilot offers extensive customization options to tailor each feed according to your municipality’s needs. Adjust settings like maximum content age and add prefixes or suffixes to posts to include hashtags or calls to action. This flexibility ensures that your content is optimized for maximum impact and relevance.

Personalized Posting Schedule


Whether you prefer a structured posting schedule or prefer Autopilot to determine optimal posting times, this tool accommodates both preferences. Autopilot’s AI-driven technology analyzes various signals to recommend the best posting intervals, ensuring consistent engagement without the guesswork.


Real-Time Queue Management


Keep track of your Autopilot queue in real-time to stay updated on upcoming posts. Modify post texts, prioritize content, exclude posts you don’t want to go out or rearrange the order effortlessly to adapt to evolving needs and maximize engagement.

SND Autopilot simplifies municipal social media management by automating repetitive tasks, optimizing engagement strategies, and streamlining cross-platform content sharing. Whether you’re aiming to increase posting frequency or enhance content reach, Autopilot provides the tools necessary to achieve social media success efficiently and effectively.

Want to get started with Autopilot? Email our Client Success team: We’ll get you up and running in no time!

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