SND’s Approvals workflow makes collaboration a breeze

Review each post before it's published with Social News Desk's Approvals feature.

We’re excited to introduce one of SND’s newest features, Post Approvals. Users can submit social posts for review, and others then approve (or reject) the content.

It’s permission-based, meaning you can control posting and approval access for each user and on each social account (we’re all about customization)! So, how does it work?

Assign users approval permissions

Make sure that each user is ready to go with Approvals, and designate them to work with certain social pages. For example, you might have a user who is an Approver on your main brand accounts but requires approval on sub brands. With Approvals, you can be sure that only vetted content is being published.

Post and monitor

Keep track of posts that need approval or those that have been approved already. You can even be notified if a post you requested for review gets rejected, and view notes about why.

When it comes to posting, it couldn’t be easier: we remind you which pages you can approve posts on, and which ones you need approval for.

Approve posts on the go

We know work gets busy. That’s why we’ve made it super easy to get updates on Approvals, no matter where you are! Approve posts from an email notification with a click of a button. No hassle, no fuss. Never miss a post that needs to go out!

Have questions or want to learn more? We’re always just an email away:

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