SND’s Messenger Experience: Make It Happen (Because It’s So Easy)

Are you leveraging Facebook Messenger to capture your audience on social media? We urge you to! It’s easy to do (through SND) and can give you a quick way to build a brand new, loyal audience.

Data shows 50-80% of Facebook users open Messages from businesses in their Messenger Inbox. That’s HUGE compared to the average email open rate. If you’re a newsroom in Facebook’s News Page Index, you have access to the “Messenger Subscription Permission” which lets users sign up to receive an automatic daily digest of news from the Page each day.

SND Messenger Experience

Added Bonus: SND’s proprietary Messenger Replies feature automatically sends an “invitation to subscribe” as a private message to every person who comments on a post made by the newsroom to Facebook. You have total control over when you want to turn this option on (or off) to quickly increase your Messenger subscriptions. 

Social News Desk gives you an easy way to send your Messenger subscribers important news – everyday – automatically. It can be in the form of a Daily Digest, Breaking News or by topic (ie: Openings & Closings, Sports, Election) 

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