How SND is helping newsrooms automatically distribute content through Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is giving newsrooms a simple way to build a brand new, loyal audience. If your news page is part of the News Page Index, Facebook will let you offer Messenger Subscriptions to your audience – that is, they sign up and you get to automatically send content to their Messenger Inbox EVERY DAY! Plus, when big news happens, you can send push alerts there too.

Building a Subscriber Base – Quickly and Easily

If you’re thinking you already have enough distribution channels to manage, think again. This might be the fastest and easiest way to build a new audience. In fact, data shows 50-80% of Facebook users open Messages from businesses in their Messenger Inbox. That’s HUGE compared to the average email open rate. Plus, SND’s proprietary Messenger Replies feature automatically sends an “invitation to subscribe” as a private message to every person who comments on your newsroom’s Facebook Posts. Imagine how quickly you can rack up subscribers! (And yes, you have total control over when you want to turn that option on – or off).

SND Messenger Experience

Customized Content – Sent Automatically

Subscribers sign up based on the topics they care about – so you’ll be sending them customized content every day. It can be in the form of a Daily Digest, Breaking News or by topic (ie: Openings & Closings, Sports, Elections). And there’s no extra work for your team. Social News Desk pulls those stories directly from your website, automatically.

Drive Traffic and Measure Performance

We think this is all pretty cool – but you don’t have to take our word for it! SND’s Messenger dashboard will show you exactly how many clicks are coming from Messenger so you can tell what kind of traffic is coming from these new, loyal subscribers. 

New to SND? Click here for help setting up Messenger, to line up a demo or to just to learn more about Social News Desk!